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Look no further if you need a reputable veterinarian to care for your pets. The Animal Hospital Bakersfield, CA, is a licensed veterinary facility that treats your pet or herd. We place premium care on your pets' health and well-being, and we go to great lengths to ensure that they receive the attention they deserve.

We provide emergency care, an in-house pharmacy, an online pharmacy, a climate-controlled boarding facility, general and preventative medical, surgical, and dental facilities, emergency care, an in-house pharmacy, an online pharmacy, and a climate-controlled boarding facility.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of pet care, staying on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine, and providing the quality and range of services you and your pet deserve.

Our Services

Dental Care: Check your pet's mouth at least once a year for early signs of a problem and to keep his or her mouth safe. Broken teeth or roots, periodontal disease, infected teeth, tumors in the mouth, misalignment of the teeth, and fractured jaws are common causes of pet dental problems. An oral examination of your pet's mouth is the first step here at animal clinics Bakersfield, and a radiograph may be needed to assess the health of the jaw and tooth roots below the gum line.

Comprehensive dental cleaning and assessment are done under anesthesia since most dental disease occurs below the gum line. Anesthesia allows for minor discomfort and pain for your pet during scaling (removal of dental plaque and tartar), polishing, and extractions, if necessary; it also allows for a smoother cleaning because your pet is not running about and causing injuries from the dental equipment.

Emergency and Services: Pet hospitals Bakersfield will make every attempt to "squeeze" you in between planned appointments if an emergency arises when our hospital is open. We have a veterinarian and support staff on duty six days a week, allowing us to respond to your pets' urgent medical needs. If you believe your pet needs emergency or acute treatment, please contact us right away.

Routine and Preventive Medical Services: Our expert care staff and experienced customer service members at animal hospital Bakersfield CA will make every effort to meet our clients' demands for appointment scheduling.

Establishing a treatment schedule for each patient is an essential part of our practice protocol. Each treatment plan is tailored to the needs of our patients and the goals of our clients, with an emphasis on preventative procedures and medical care for chronic conditions. To strengthen our doctor-client-patient relationships, we check in with our clients daily to see how our patients are doing at home after treatments.

Boarding: We are pleased to have a climate-controlled boarding facility for our clients’ cats and dogs. During their stay with our experienced kennel staff, clients are welcome to bring something that will make their pet more relaxed (blankets, sheets, toys, a t-shirt that smells like you, etc.). To make a move more accessible and resolve any nutritional issues, animal clinics in Bakersfield will suggest bringing your pet's food from home, but we do have food for any pets that don't have their own. If necessary, our staff will also prescribe drugs to your pets.

The dogs who stay with us for the day enjoy playing in our play yard. For the amusement of our dog guests, we have bikes, kiddie pools, and bubble machines. They will enjoy playing in the outdoor play yard in the morning and evening. At lunchtime, dog visitors come inside for naps and quiet time. Both dogs are given supervised outdoor play with other dogs.

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Is there a problem with your pet? Please contact Animal Hospital Bakersfield right away!