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Professional cat care at animal wellness center Bakersfield, CA

A wellness exam performed by our clinical team at animal wellness center Bakersfield ensures your cat's overall health. Few things are more concerning than a sick cat who requires your assistance, mainly if unsure. A health exam for your cat has at least two purposes: it can either prevent or diagnose problems.

Frequent pet wellness exams can help you discover a problem before it becomes a full-fledged health issue, rather than waiting until it becomes a full-fledged health issue. If anything concerning is found during the inspection, the problem can be identified and dealt with appropriately. This is both a problem-prevention measure and a means to learn more about your cat's health.

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Bakersfield Cat Clinic - Obtaining Your Perspective Consultation
The talk between you and our veterinarian is the first component of a pet wellness exam. The two elements that fuel most health issues in cats are husbandry and nutrition. Getting ahead of common problems will help you and your cat has a better life quality for years to come.

During your initial session, you should expect to talk about the following topics:

What store did you buy your cat from?

What is your cat's age?

Do you have any other felines living with you?

Do your cats share a room, or are they kept in a cage?

What are the health statuses of your other pets?

What kind of cat food does he eat? What is the name of the company? How often and how much do you provide? Do they finish it all? Is there anything in particular that they like to eat?

What kind of living conditions do you have for your cat (i.e., cages (size, shape, location, bedding, and furniture)?

The Wellness Exam for Pets

Our veterinarian at Pet Wellness Bakersfield will begin the pet exam after the initial consultation is completed. As a side note, don't be shocked if our vet spends more time talking to you than inspecting your cat during the consultation.

Much of what we're looking for can only be discovered by getting a better knowledge of your cat's lifestyle, which they can only do through direct communication with you. Furthermore, as long as all requirements are met, there is no correct order to do this check-up.

The Visual Examination

The visual evaluation of your cat's overall features is the first part of the inspection. Several factors include the coat, paws, gait, general energy level, alertness, temperament, and overall mobility.

The Medical Examination

The physical examination comes next. This procedure includes examining the eyes, ears, oral cavity, nose, rectum, paws, and nails. The temperature of your cat will be obtained (rectally), as well as the lymph nodes and abdomen. Finally, one of our veterinarians at animal wellness center Bakersfield will use a stethoscope to listen to the heart and lungs and do a rectal parasite check.

Scheduling a Wellness Exam for Your Pet

Attending a thorough pet health assessment at animal wellness center Bakersfield at least once a year is one of the best things you can do for your cat. You can assist in keeping your cat in good health for many years to come. If any problems are discovered, you can begin taking corrective action right away based on our veterinarian's professional recommendations.

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Animal Wellness Center Bakersfield provides various services to assist you in caring for your cats. Everything from regular health exams to emergency services, including surgery, is handled at our clinic. We use state-of-the-art technology and recent technical innovations to maintain a clean, safe, and welcoming environment.