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Animal wellness center Bakersfield is a full-service veterinary clinic.

At Animal wellness center Bakersfield, we consider your pet to be a member of your and our family. That is why, in the best interests of you and your furry family member, we have made it our mission to provide thorough and compassionate veterinary treatment. If you are searching for a compassionate veterinary team to help keep your pet healthy, we are close by and ready to assist you.

Our Services


Keeping your pet safe can feel like a full-time job at times. Fortunately, in addition to essential dental treatment, our pet wellness Bakersfield offers specialized veterinary dentistry services.

This covers both routine maintenance such as washing and the treatment of more complex conditions. Dental scaling, our most basic dental technique, is used to extract this tartar. Our approach uses sonic and ultrasonic power scalers and hand-held instruments to remove tartar from the surface of the teeth, both above and below the gum line, during the scaling process.

Another popular technique is tooth extraction. Our practice strives to help your pet keep as many teeth as possible. However, in some cases, extraction is the only way to relieve discomfort or prevent periodontal disease from progressing. A diseased tooth will also damage the underlying tissue and nearby teeth if it is not removed. The periodontal disorder has a broader range of treatment choices if caught early.


Diagnostic imaging is no exception to how science advances and enhances our lives. Our practice at the cat clinic Bakersfield can diagnose conditions almost instantly, thanks to digital radiology. This enables us to manage symptoms more quickly and efficiently.

Digital radiology is used in our clinic for both dental and whole-body imaging of your pet. Our practice can see the internal anatomy of the teeth, including the roots and underlying bone, thanks to dental digital radiology. In the rest of your pet's body, digital x-rays will help us detect a broken bone or joint degeneration, as well as foreign objects within your pet's body.

Kitten Care.

Getting a new kitten is a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with joy, comfort, and laughter. There's a reason why there are so many kitten and cat pictures and videos on the internet. Kittens are entertaining, caring, and entertaining. Human family members are required to provide some hands-on attention to kittens. Kitten care focuses on acclimating the kitten to its new family and ensuring its physical well-being to promote healthy growth.

Our veterinary staff at cat clinic Bakersfield would love to help ensure that you are well informed of your kitten's needs, drawing on a lifetime of love for kittens and several years of clinical experience. There are many stages in a kitten's life, and it's crucial to consider how your cat's needs can evolve as they mature. We've put together some helpful kitten care advice for you.

Senior Cat Care.

Senior cat veterinarian appointments at the cat clinic Bakersfield focus on identifying illnesses that may be in their early stages and developing a care and management plan for any symptoms that are causing distress.

Many ailments can be treated with diet, and drugs can also significantly boost your cat's well-being. We will better discuss and handle senior cat problems for the best results when the cat owner and veterinarian team work together.

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We're here for you, your pet, and we're your neighborhood's favorite veterinarian. Our mission is to provide the best possible veterinary care for you and your pets.

Please email us or call us to learn more about the many facilities our veterinary clinic provides.