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Meds for Pets Bakersfield

When your pet is sick, your veterinarian will, of course, give you a prescription for specific ailments to treat or cure them. However, there are some medicines used by humans that can also work on pets or animals.

Commonly used medications

Pet medication CA has provided a list of medicines that can be used by your pets. But, take note, these are not all of the medicines that are used in veterinary medicine.

  • Antibiotics. These drugs eliminate bacteria and yeast, and they are also used to control infection. They don’t necessarily kill viruses, but they are used to treat underlying infections that can happen when animals have a viral infection.
  • NSAID. Anti-inflammatory drugs that are not a steroid in nature. They are used to treat various swelling.
  • Opioid pain relievers. These medications are obtained from morphine and are often used for unbearable pain. It’s worth mentioning that they are highly addictive.
  • Steroids. A very versatile drug. They are very effective in treating inflammation and are commonly used to minimize allergic reactions. At times, they can be used to suppress the immune system.
  • Antiparasitics. This drug is specifically used for eliminating parasites inside the stomach.
  • Sedatives. They are used to quiet down an anxious animal and also used to sedate pets for some delicate procedures.
  • Medications or hormones for specific conditions. Yes, pets can have hormonal imbalances too. They have sometimes been prescribed insulin or any hormonal medications.
  • Chemo Drugs. They are used to cure tumors and cancers.

Drug interactions

Drugs perform in various ways, and at times these different components can develop in one drug interrupting another drug. The body’s process of eliminating one drug can influence another medication by altering its rate of removing it from the body.

  • Two drugs can have some addicting effect, where the outcome is more expected. This can be a good thing and at the same time dangerous.
  • A drug can speed or slow the metabolism or eliminate another drug, which could have an outcome of toxicity, organ damage, or a treatment that is ineffective.
  • One drug might slow down another drug from becoming effective.

Side effects

Every drug has its side effects. Knowing the benefits as well as the cons should be taken into consideration when taking a medicine. That is why it’s always important to make a list of medicines to show to your veterinarian.

Keeping your pet safe

  • Inform your vet if your pets have different reactions to any medication.
  • It’s important to always ask questions to your veterinarian.
  • In any case, don’t let the pharmacist change the frequency and dose. Always consult your veterinarian for any changes.

Medicine administration

  • Make sure your pets can’t reach medicines
  • Always consult your veterinarian about medicines. Don’t buy them recklessly
  • Check the label of the medication. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian
  • Contact your veterinarian if a dose was missed or your pet had an overdose
  • Never miss your pet’s medication or discontinue it without the knowledge of the veterinarian

Be patient

You have to understand that pets are just like human toddlers when it comes to medicine, especially when sick. You have to find ways on how to feed them, and yes, it can be frustrating at times. Meds for Pets Bakersfield has some suggestions regarding some ways on how to feed your ailing pets. You will be provided with a pamphlet when you inquire. The most important thing to have is a ton of patience. You’re taking care of a member of the family, after all, and it can be very rewarding seeing your pet up and about.

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