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The Advantages of Dog Grooming in Bakersfield

Dog grooming is commonly associated with enhancing a dog's appearance. But did you know about all the other advantages? Grooming your dog not only makes them look and smell great, but it can also help with their overall well-being and health. Pet Grooming in Bakersfield and Dog Dentist Bakersfield recommends dog owners taking their dog to the groomer every 6-8 weeks, depending on the growth of their coat. Here are a few of the essential advantages of regular dog grooming.

Improved hygiene and odor
One of the most obvious advantages of having your dog groomed is improved hygiene. Cleaning and brushing away all that dead skin and buildup can make a huge difference in your dog's hygiene and odor. A stinky dog is enough to make any dog owner groan, so why not take them to Pet Grooming in Bakersfield for a quick makeover so your nose will be grateful!

Just like what Dog Dentist Bakersfield offers, it would make your pet attain a fresher breath. Dog bad breath is usually caused by bacteria that live in your dog's infected gum and dental tissue. This odor is a sign of advanced dental disease. It will not improve unless a thorough veterinary dental cleaning is performed. Service is also available in Dog Dentist Bakersfield for any required home care plan implementation.

Fleas are checked and treated
Fleas are an unavoidable part of owning a dog. Going to a groomer has the advantage of being able to check for fleas and their eggs. Fleas can be reduced by washing, brushing, and clipping fur regularly. Dog Grooming in Bakersfield also offers some flea treatment for a small fee to help you get rid of those bloodsuckers for good!

Any skin and health problems are detected as soon as possible
If you take your dog to Dog Grooming in Bakersfield regularly, they will become acquainted with the pet and notice abnormalities. These could include bumps and lumps that you may have missed while brushing. Early detection of these issues is critical in preventing the spread of any severe condition.

Reduces the possibility of ear infections
Getting rid of gunk and buildup in your dog's ears is critical for avoiding ear infections. Your groomer in Pet Grooming in Bakersfield will trim any longer hairs that may be causing additional problems. Because ear infections are one of the leading causes of dog deafness, having their ears checked regularly will help them keep their hearing for many years to come.

Nail trimming lowers the risk of developing bad posture or bone deformations
Trimming your dog's nails is often overlooked, but it is an important part of your dog's overall health. Long nails can make it difficult for your dog to walk on. They might adjust their posture to accommodate longer nails. If left unresolved, this can progress to more serious problems. Arthritis, bone deformations, and poor posture are just a few of the side effects of leaving your dog's nails long. As experts in this field, we recommend that If your pet's nails are touching the ground while standing, it's a sign they need to get them trimmed.

Get rid of tight mats
Your dog will likely develop mats if they have medium-length fur. Mats form when the hair becomes entwined and bunched. If left untreated, these mats can become large and aggressively pull on the skin. If they are in sensitive areas or are too tight, they can cause a lot of pain for your dog, making them irritated.

It improves their appearance
Aside from the apparent health benefits of regular grooming for your dog, one of the main advantages is that they will look better! An unkempt appearance can reflect poorly on you as the owner, so keeping them neat and tidy can benefit you as well!

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